What makes Laravel a top choice for PHP web development?

It is no longer a mystery; the internet is a big void filled with countless opportunities. If you are growing a business, it would be good for you to have this. Online business websites help you reach a larger customer base and create a platform for your audience to reference help virtual community home. The struggle now is to choose a framework for your website that will help you stand out and be noticed by the billion users that live online.

Though there are several PHP frameworks available in the market for developing user-engaging web applications like Symfony, Codeigniter, Yii, Phalcon, and many others. However, Laravel has held the first spot in the list of best MVC-based PHP frameworks because of the ease and compliance it provides to web developers.

Let's figure out what the Laravel framework is all about and what its benefits are for businesses!

Why Use Laravel Framework for Web Development?

Before the evolution of Laravel, PHP for web development wasn't that much efficient and able to manage all the cumbersome and complex functionalities. To deal with these problems, PHP introduced the Codeigniter framework, which was the most popular PHP framework at that time, but it does not have some essential features like built-in user authentication and authorization, which are necessary for successful website development. As a result, Laravel has come into the place, and till now, it is considered the best PHP framework for creating appealing web experiences.

Laravel: A web app development framework with powerful and rich syntax makes the complete web development process agile, easier, and delightful for web developers by reducing all the pain-points blended with complex PHP code.

Laravel makes it easy for developers to execute tasks like routing, sessions, authentication, caching, and others so that they can focus on developing business-related features of the app.

Laravel is a web application framework with an expressive, elegant syntax. Laravel attempts to take the pain out of development by easing common tasks used in most web projects. @laravel.com

Many people think Laravel is popular because it gives peace of mind to developers while designing a website; however it provides much more than that. No doubt, its ease-of-use, and essence have helped it gain enormous popularity but using this popular framework also gravels the way for many other perks. 

Here are some colossal Laravel perks that will make your web development a seamless and streamlined experience:

  1. Faster Time-To-Market Development

    Laravel works on a modular basis. It means Laravel has many pre-built functions and structures that work on the most advanced PHP principles to build responsive web applications cost-effectively. Since it is an open-source framework, developers have been updating these resources since the launch of Laravel in 2011.

    This speeds up the development process of web applications, making Laravel quick and spontaneous. With the Laravel framework, there is no need to spend long hours writing individual code lines. Therefore, it allows developers to deliver an application within a fixed time frame.

  2. More high-grade Authentication and Authorization Option

    It is easy to implement a comprehensive authentication system including Login, Registration, and Password Reset in the Laravel framework. You can perform all these tasks with the help of a single command. It also facilitates organizing authorization logic and control access to resources.

  3. Resolved Technical Vulnerabilities

    Previously SQL injection, cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, etc. are the most critical web application security vulnerabilities. The fixation of these vulnerabilities increases the time and cost of software development. To overcome these challenges, developers use Laravel as it secures your web application by protecting it against the most severe security risks.

  4. MVC Architecture

    MVC-based Laravel architecture makes Laravel one of the  best PHP frameworks for web development. It has built-in functionalities that developers can use at their best while building the web apps. Other than this, MVC architecture offers better documentation, augmented performance, and various built-in functionalities compared to other frameworks of PHP.

  5. Automated Testing Feature

    Laravel's excellent testing support makes it unique. It is necessary to test the web app/ website thoroughly to ensure that it's bug-free. To make sure that your web app performs well, Laravel offers automation testing support, making it less time utilizing to test an app. It also provides easy ways to emulate users' basic behavior that encourages you to do expressive testing of your app. The unit testing feature let you test each component or module of your app to assure that the integrated application performs well when all the modules add up.

  6. Automated Task Scheduling and Execution

    Every web application needs a task scheduling tool to automate tasks when it is required. For instance, sending emails to subscribers, notifications to app users, or only for the database's cleanup to make web apps immovable. Earlier web developers used to generate a Cron entry for scheduling the task. However, with Laravel, you can dodge this problem by using its automatic command scheduler. It allows you to promptly and expressively define your command schedule within the Laravel framework itself, and a single Cron entry is needed on your server to perform the task.

    Besides making your web app high-performing and faster, this feature also helps you save on the hosting cost.


There is no doubt in saying that Laravel conscientiously addresses the limitations of its forerunners. Laravel web development's demand is rising due to its unbelievable features—quickness, cost-effectiveness, intuitiveness, and ability to build scalable web applications.

With more than 60,000 stars on GitHub, Laravel also provides great community support. With the help of an experienced PHP Laravel development company, you can create a powerful web experience using Laravel and its amazing features.

Let’s give your vision a shape!