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We would love to share our coffee with you while sharing common goals. Our goals may be as urgent as getting more leads via digital marketing or as long-term as building a complete social network solution for a multi-national company. We love the challenges of working with like-minded companies, firms or agencies who are passionate about making a dent into consumer behavior through ground-breaking applications.

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We can share load times

The Geeky Folks Team loves blending with other teams when it comes to achieving loftier goals. You may have some heavy load times but you don’t wish to get into another hiring spree for developers. Consider our team our developers like your own and feel free to share your development work during load times.

Leverage from our experience

There’s no substitute to the experience you have. Same goes for our experience. Imagine when we combine these myriad experiences, we can add more categories to our portfolio, attempt more applications and offer exceptional app experiences to our clients and their consumers. Our team is led by people who have more than eight years of experience in project management, application development and studying online consumer behavior.

We are fun to work with

If you shun boring, we are with you. For us the ability to attempt great applications without shrinking away from hard work is what truly makes us interesting development partners. Our team calls a spade a spade. We have a knack for professionalism and clear communication.

Expertise of seven domains

The Geeky Folks combines the expertise of building mobile and web applications in seven domains namely real estate, mobile, startups and enterprises, community (social), eCommerce and digital marketing. We understand today’s multi-screen consumers who don’t give apps a second chance. This insight has helped us deliver competitive applications that have struck a chord with users.

You may have all or some of these reasons in seeking app development partnerships.

Whatever is your need, we are excited to be your partners.

Let’s say I do, shall we?

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