I Love Shillong Website Development

Want to figure out how to travel in luxury as well as vogue?

Website Development - I Love Shillong

The Geeky Folks did not build just a website but they created a destination that everyone will love to land on. They created an imaginary trip to Shillong before you land there for real. They created this traveling website that is overwhelmed with options, bewildered with feelings of what to see, eat, and do. Yes, they created the reason why people should visit Shillong!!

My Sanika Web Development

Supporting a better life - Let's fight cancer.

Website Development - My Sanika

My Sanika is the embodiment of a dream - that no one, especially the underprivileged ones, will suffer because of cancer. It is a non-profit organization that fundamentally engages in programs, projects, and pursuits in the prevention and control of cancer. Its advocacies and arrangements are in cancer education and information for prevention and early detection, patients services, hospice, and palliative care.

Canberra Web Development

Give the care your pets deserve.

Website Development - Canberra Petsitters

Canberra Petsitters offers premier pet sitting services that allow your dog or cat to stay home in their familiar surroundings, benefit from loving one-on-one attention, and maintain their normal routines. We wanted to create a magical portal where your pets and the owners so that they are insured, bonded, informed, experienced and most of all, passionate about pets.

Web-Based App Development

Enduring and embracing the unknown.

Web-based App Development - Myra

Myra is one of the world's best production companies. We here are a team of individuals passionate developers who wanted to give a meaning to "Myra". They tend to work with the best global talent to create, develop and produce popular, innovative, award-winning ads.


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