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Building trust

How do I build trust of potential clients through an online portal? How would my law firm website stand out among the crowd? How do I spell out all my legal strengths effectively on a high-impact website?

Our law firm website design portfolio ranges from solo or small practices to midsize law firms and large practices. Our solutions resonate with potential clients confidently and powerfully.

High-impact law website

How do I project my expertise strategically among law clients?

We know what your clients are looking for, given our industry knowledge and experience. We are aware of the rules of professional conduct as we engage in attorney website design or law firm website design projects for you.

Engagement on all devices

Will I continue to get visitors on my law firm website? Will my web presence attract all kinds of clients?

We offer responsive law firm websites that echo with users across all devices. You will never be embarrassed on any device.

We excel in law firm projects since legal marketing is our core strength

Being The Geeky Folks, here’s what we have thought out for you:

Customized law website by the book

We are aware what may land law firms before a disciplinary body and what won’t. We are extremely well-versed with the rules and would create a powerful and lawful web presence for you.

User-empathetic- experience design

We are huge fans of user-experiences created purely from deep user empathy since it enables us to create impactful designs for law firms. User is at the pedestal of our law firm website design strategy.


We are a bunch of 30+ geeky developers and marketers driven by a passion for technology transformation in the lives of users around the globe. Riding on the Agile development process, our developers will be like customized lawyer website design experts for you.


You know us by now, we want to validate more. So unless we have got your law website tested across various channels, validated by test users and ensured that your app works at all times, we don’t rest.

Holistic promotion

We don’t just design websites for lawyers, attorneys and law firms, we also help them promote their work within the scope of law.

Making you viral

We don’t believe in shouting out loud but shouting out right. Our digital marketers are hard to please when it comes to promotion of your law firm website. They will not rest unless you have scaled up.

You may choose any one of these services or opt for our End-to-End options where you get all of these at one stop. Either ways, we would love to hear your challenges.


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