Mobile application development

Hello Entrepreneur!

Problems on your mind?


Mobile idea Concerns

Is my mobile application idea good enough? What if I share my idea with a development firm and it steals it? What if my idea is not convertible into an app?

We have done a lot of NDA projects for clients who keep coming back to us. We know what it takes!

Affordability issues

Should I invest in a good app now or later? Is mobile app development good for my business?

We have flexible pricing models for you. We also hand-hold startups and entrepreneurs for creating uber cool mobile apps.

Confidence in mobile strategy

Will my mobile app fail or click with users?

We work with user-empathy in our minds and know what clicks with today’s mobile users. We build only interesting and sticky mobile apps.

Funding-ready application

Will my mobile app idea attract investments? How will I get the initial buzz or traction?

We have specific and end-to-end solutions to launch and promote your mobile application. We make mobile apps funding-ready.

We UNDERSTAND MOBILE since we cannot live without it.

Being The Geeky Folks, here’s what we have thought out for you:

Customized Mobile Strategy and Rapid idea validation

We will help you create a product strategy meant for the mobile user base you are targeting. If you wish to build a truly disruptive mobile application, you need to be right from the first day. As a mobile app design company, we will help you sketch out the minimum viable product, thereby listing down its USPs and coming up with the perfect positioning of your mobile application.

User-empathetic-experience design

We believe there’s no user experience without user empathy. User is at the pedestal of our mobile app development strategy for you.


We are a bunch of 30+ geeky developers driven by a passion for technology transformation through mobile ecosystem. Riding on the Agile development process, our developers will be like your mobile technology experts.


You know us by now, we want to validate more. So unless we have got your mobile app tested across various channels, validated by test users and ensured that your app works at all times, we don’t rest.

Launching and promotion

Who cares about a mobile app before it’s launched? Well we do. And so do users. We help you create a pre-launch strategy followed by creating a buzz around your mobile application.

Making you viral

We don’t believe in shouting out loud but shouting out right. Our digital marketers are hard to please when it comes to promotion of your mobile app or product. They will not rest unless you have scaled up.

You may choose any one of these services or opt for our End-to-End options where you get all of these at one stop. Either ways, we would love to hear your idea.


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